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  • Android Notification with Sound and Icon Tutorial

    My app needed a simple Android notification with sound and icon. So here’s the code I used to make that happen. I know that there are many other types of notification in Android, but this time, I just want to show you a very simple code that can be a solution to your problem too! […]

  • Android Date Picker Example App

    I have a friend who often asks: “What day of the week is [insert date here]?” So I decided to create a simple app for him to easily know what day of the week is a certain date. After I made this simple app, I also find it fun to use, haha! Now I know […]

  • Android Table Scroll with Fixed Header and Column

    Here’s a sample code I used when I was tasked to make an Android scroll-able table with static header and column. Please note that this code is not yet fully optimized but it can help you have an idea on how this functionality was coded. Video Demo The final output of our code for today! […]

  • 12+ Android Programming Tutorial Blogs and Resources

    Here are some of the Android programming tutorial blogs or android code resources that you may also find very useful when starting your Android programming journey. Posts in these blogs ranges from basic to advanced programming, some includes tips and tricks with eclipse or android game programming, so just pick what suits you. The blogs […]

  • How to Install Android Development Environment

    A lot has been changed since I wrote this post: Getting Started with Google Android Development. I’m not going to remove that page but I rather keep it as an archive about how Android development environment installation was done before. Installing the Android development environment was a lot easier nowadays, thanks Google! I’m not sure […]

  • Who are the Developers of Android?

    Android powered devices like mobile phones, tablet computers and home appliances are everywhere nowadays. It is a delight for us to experience a high technology which is less expensive, more powerful and efficient. You know what Android is, you might be grateful, and now you are asking… “Who are the developers of Android?” Android growth […]

  • How to Send Data From Android to PHP Server? Android Post Request Help

    Hi guys! Today we are going to code on how to send data from Android to PHP server. This is an example app that can post a file and text data to a web server with PHP file as a receiver. Having the ability to (do HTTP Post Request) post data from android app to […]

  • Show ListView as Dropdown in Android – a Spinner Alternative

    Our code for today will give us an alternative to using the Android spinner. We will show ListView as dropdown in Android. This ListView dropdown works just like a spinner but: I love how it looks and response to user touch, it feels smoother and faster than a spinner. It can also be easily customized, […]