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  • Simple Android JSON Parser Example Code with URL and Logcat Output

    Today I’m going to share an Android JSON Parser example code to parse a JSON string from a URL. This code is really useful because nowadays, JSON string is being used by most APIs like Facebook graph API and Google Maps. You should use JSON in your projects instead of XML because it is lightweight, […]

  • Fixing Android EditText Lag

    Lately I encountered this annoying android EditText lag, each time I try to type a character, it makes me wait for around 1 to 3 seconds before I can type the next character! Now that’s horrible. EditText is not useful. Keyboard looks broken. If you have the same issue, I have a good news for […]

  • Android ViewHolder Pattern Example

    Now we are going to code the smooth scrolling of our Android ListView. In the previous post, we tried to understand how the ListView with adapter works. This time, it will be all about performance. I did this a separate post because Android ListView is difficult to understand at times. What I have in mind […]

  • Fixed: Android Dependencies – Missing facebooksdk.jar

    Recently I was working with the Facebook SDK for Android and found the error:     Android     Dependencies     –     Missing     facebooksdk.jar. My project was unable to run and the eclipse console or logcat does not give a clear description of the error. But it can be seen […]

  • Android ListView with Adapter Example

    How android ListView with adapter works is not so clear to me until I read this awesome article with code examples of Lucas Rocha: Performance Tips for Android’s ListView. In relation to that, I was inspired again to make a post about android ListView with Adapter, but this one is much more simple than the […]

  • How to Use Joda Time in Eclipse?

    Joda Time is another very useful library for your Android application development. It provides a quality library of classes to replace the Java JDK Date and Time classes. This post is generally about how to import a library in eclipse for Android development, we just choose Joda Time library as a good example. Every time […]

  • How to Create a Compass in Android Code – Tutorial and Source Code

    Today I’m going to share a very simple compass in android code that you can use whenever you are creating an application with a compass feature. It’s good to see the most devices nowadays has a motion sensor capability to make a compass run. Unfortunately, there are still some android devices (like Huawei Y300 and […]

  • Introducing The Code Of A Ninja’s Android App (Beta)

    Introducing our favorite programming blog’s android app! For the past few days, I have some spare time to code this. Now you guys can browse our blog instantly in your Android phone or tablet. To download this free app, go to your Google Play store and then search using the keywords “code blog by mike […]