12+ Android Programming Tutorial Blogs and Resources

Here are some of the Android programming tutorial blogs or android code resources that you may also find very useful when starting your Android programming journey. Posts in these blogs ranges from basic to advanced programming, some includes tips and tricks with eclipse or android game programming, so just pick what suits you.

The blogs below does not include the top code resources like StackOverflow and official guides from Google such as the Android Training, Android Design and Android Developer.‘s blog

1. Vogella

12+ Android Programming Tutorial Blogs and Resources

2. Android Helper


3. Android-er


4. Android Aspect


5. Android Hive


6. Android for Beginners


7. Sai Geetha’s Android Blog


8. Mkyong Android Tutorial


9. Tech Blog On – Android


10. Java Code Geeks – Android


11. The Code of a Ninja Android Blogs


12. Tutorials Point – Android


I also want to grow this list, if you know other useful Android code blogs or resources please drop it in the comments section below, I’m more that willing to update this post!

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