Author: Mike Dalisay

  • ADB Basic Commands and Setup Tutorial

    Recently, I was asked to flash a custom ROM to several Android devices that Samsung seems to forget to update. These devices include: 1. Galaxy Tab 10.1 (GT-P7500) – Upgraded from Android 3.2 Honeycomb to 4.2 Jelly Bean 2. Galaxy Tab 8.9 (GT-P7300) – Upgraded from Android 3.2 Honeycomb to 4.2 Jelly Bean 3. Galaxy […]

  • How To Display Facebook EVENTS on Android App? Step By Step Guide!

    How To Display Facebook EVENTS on Android App? Step By Step Guide!

    Some people, organizations or companies make their Android mobile app like their website. This is where any information about them is published or displayed. You can read more about the app for 365 at Most of these entities have a Facebook page. They have created events on that Facebook page. Do you do this? […]

  • Simple Android Signature Capture Tutorial and Source Code

    Hello my friends! Today’s code is about capturing a user’s signature and saving it as a PNG image in the device SD card. This android signature capture tutorial is useful if your app requires some signature for purposes like purchases, receipts or any transactions that needs a signature as a proof . Our simple program below will […]

  • Android Calculator Tutorial and Source Code Example

    What if there’s an easy way to use a calculator for your android app? That would be great! Right? Well, I’ll try to help you guys with that with these lessons. Our post for today is about an android calculator tutorial and after the tutorial is the source code download, available in zip format. Just a […]

  • How To Get the User’s Current Location in Android? – GPS Example Help

    Today I’m sharing you a working code on how to get the user’s current location in Android. There are many popular apps using this feature such as Google Maps and Facebook. Remember when you checked in a place? Knowing exactly where your users are located is really cool, but you always have to let them […]

  • Android Navigation Drawer Example Step by Step

    Android Navigation drawer is now a standard when creating an Android app. It gives a better user experience since the user can easily access more app functionality – on a small screen smartphone. Personally, it is really fun to use since I just have to swipe a finger to use or access a view. This […]

  • Android Action Bar Tutorial with 2.2+ Compatibility

    I have an Android Action Bar Tutorial for you guys! Android ActionBar looks good on our smartphone apps and at the same time, it is really useful. Aside from displaying your app’s title or section, the ActionBar can also be used as a back function (upper left) or a viewable button or dropdown options (upper […]

  • Android SQLite Transaction Example with INSERT Prepared Statement

    Today I’m going to share an Android SQLite transaction example that I consider as one of the most useful test I made with Android SQLite. I’m really excited to share this since it helped me a lot and maybe it can help some more people as well. This post will cover the following contents: 1.0 […]