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  • How to Send Data From Android to PHP Server? Android Post Request Help

    Hi guys! Today we are going to code on how to send data from Android to PHP server. This is an example app that can post a file and text data to a web server with PHP file as a receiver. Having the ability to (do HTTP Post Request) post data from android app to […]

  • Show ListView as Dropdown in Android – a Spinner Alternative

    Our code for today will give us an alternative to using the Android spinner. We will show ListView as dropdown in Android. This ListView dropdown works just like a spinner but: I love how it looks and response to user touch, it feels smoother and faster than a spinner. It can also be easily customized, […]

  • Android Bluetooth Printing Example Code with Actual Printer Device

    Android Bluetooth Printing Example Code with Actual Printer Device

    Recently, I was asked to make a program for printing some data to a small or handheld Bluetooth printer device. This can be used for printing receipts, simple tickets, or customer notes. I like how it works because usually, we are getting our program output on a computer screen. But this time we are getting […]

  • Android SQLite Database CRUD Tutorial with Example Application

    Android SQLite Database CRUD Tutorial with Example Application

    This is a step by step android CRUD tutorial where we’ll create an Android application that demonstrates Android’s SQLite database capabilities. Operations such as create, read, update and delete (CRUD) in Android is an essential skill every aspiring Android developer must have. In this post, we will cover the following contents:

  • Working with Text Files in Android

    Today we are going to code about a sample app with some operations I usually play with text files in my Android applications. These operations would include creating, reading, updating,and deleting text files. I find these operations really useful when I have to store some data temporarily, creating some log files, or store some actual […]

  • Android Camera Code Tutorial

    Today we are going to do a code that can enable your android application to capture images using the device camera. In this example code, we will have: A “Take Picture” button on our main activity, when the user clicks it, the device camera will be shown that will enable your user the take a […]

  • 12+ EditText in Android Example Codes, Screenshots and More!

    Hi guys! Today I’m gonna show you some Android EditText examples that I usually use in my android applications. EditText in Android examples are simply like a text field, text area or a text input field in online forms. It is an editable TextView. EditText in Android Example List In this post, we will cover: […]