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Contact Us

If you have any questions in reference to a post published here in our blog, please drop it in the comments section of that blog post.

For example, you have a question regarding our PHP CRUD Tutorial found in this link, you can just scoll down to the bottom of the post and see the comments section. There you can put your comments, suggestions or questions.

We respond to each comments as fast as we can.

If you have something good to say to our blog, an awesome testimonial or something that can improve this site, you can put it in the comments section below our “about us” page. You are doing us a HUGE favor by doing this, thanks a lot!

You can also contact us by sending us a message through our Facebook page, Google Plus or Twitter profile.

Our business address is: Blk. 24 A, Lot 6, Ph. 3, Peace Village, Antipolo City, PH

13 responses to “Contact Us”

  1. Hello dear i am totally begineer in andriod and i am very impresssed with your project and i am developing organization notification system kindly help me and give the simple code. i know you solve my problem kindly help me as soon as possible.

    • Hello @disqus_y1cotUYzWu:disqus, I’m just reading comments from this page. I’m glad you found our projects very impressive! About your question, would you give more details about that notification system you are trying to do?

  2. Hello, i tried a tutorial about MAP PHP, i did the exact same script
    i did not get any errors !
    i just did not get the map shown !
    there was no map !
    please could you help me
    or tell me where the error could be ??
    i have a project and i really wanted it to workd…
    please ???

    • Hello @marwa_97:disqus, I just read your comment, sorry for the late reply. You can always send me your test URL so that we can investigate more on your issue…

  3. Hi there, I thought I saw on your website a tool for purchase that allowed the pulling of a Facebook News Feed (not timeline) and putting it onto a webpage. Can you please send me the link from your webpage?

  4. I want to build a single page for an upcoming event. On this page I want to create event timeslots for volunteers to sign up for their participation. There might be as many as 4-5 folunteers needed for any one timeslot. In your opinion, how easy is this to build? Do you know of an already existing code sample I could study.

    • Hello @H S, do you mean you want to create a Facebook event from your domain? I’m not sure if Facebook would allow that. All events must be create from Facebook. Or maybe, you’ll have to ask the user to allow your FB app get proper permissions.

  5. dear, i am the bluetooth mini printer supplier in china, one of my customer wants to first connect with printer without passwork via bluetooth. do you think it is possible?

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