Android Programming Tutorials

android programming tutorials

Android is the most popular mobile operating system and so developers are making a lot of money with their android apps. Because you’re here, the next one might be you! Here in our blog, we provide android programming tutorials for developing native apps with the Android platform.

Android Programming Tutorials for Starters

How to Install Android Development Environment – Learn how to install Android development environment on your Windows machine.

Install Android Development Environment on Ubuntu – Learn how to install Android development environment on your Ubuntu machine.

Android Basic Tutorials

Android Hello World Example – Learn how to do a “hello world!” program with Android.

14+ Android AlertDialog Example Codes and Output – Learn how to show several types dialog in Android.

12+ EditText in Android: Example Codes, Screenshots and More! – Learn how to use and EdiText or TextBox in Android.

Android User Interface Tutorials

Android Action Bar Tutorial with 2.2+ Compatibility – Learn how to create an Android Action Bar.

Android Navigation Drawer Example Source Code – Learn how to make an Android Navigation Drawer.

Android Data Storage Tutorials

Android SQLite Database CRUD Tutorial with Example Application – Learn how to use an SQLite database with Android.

Working with Text Files in Android – Learn how you can create, read, update and delete a text file in Android.

Android SharedPreferences Tutorial – Learn how you can easily access common values anywhere in your app.

Android Data Interchange Tutorials

Android JSON Parser Example – Learn how to parse JSON in Android.

How to Send or Post Data to Web Server in Android? – Learn how to send a file or text data to server in Android.

Android XML Parser Example with XML from SD Card, URL or Assets – Learn how you can parse an XML document in Android.

Android Download File With Progress Bar – Learn how you can download a file with progress bar animation.

Android Hardware Control Tutorials

Android Bluetooth Code to Print Text on a Bluetooth Printer – Learn how a user inputted text can be printed to a Bluetooth printer.

Android Camera Code – Learn how you can use the built in camera of an Android device.

Android Compass Code Example – Learn how to use device motion sensors using Android.

Android Fixes

Fixed: R cannot be resolved to a variable

Fixing Android EditText Lag

Fixed: Android Dependencies – Missing facebooksdk.jar

Android requires compiler compliance level 5.0. Please fix project properties.

Eclipse is loading framework information and the layout library from the SDK folder.

Android Code Projects

Customized List Items in Android ListView – Learn how you can customized an Android ListView.

Ways to Create a Splash Screen for Android App – Learn how to show your app logo or something before entering the actual app.

Share URL, Text or Image with Android Share Intent – Learn how your app will be able to share a URL, text or even image with the help of Intents.

Android: Copy Asset To SD Card – Learn how you can copy the files built in from your app to device SD card.

Android libphonenumber Example – Learn how you can validate a phone number of any country.

Android Webview Example Code – Learn how you can create a web browser inside your Android app.

Getting Android Device Current Date and Time – Learn two ways of getting date and time values in Android.

Android Toast Tutorial – Learn how to show a simple prompt to users.

Multiple Android Button Tutorial – Learn how to use buttons in Android.

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