Month: January 2013

  • Android: Copy Asset To SD Card

    Assets folder is where you can store some files for you app. Today I’m going to show you how to copy files from your android app’s asset’s folder to the device SD card. I used this when I have to deploy some default text files for my app and manipulate it at later time. Some […]

  • Working with Text Files in Android

    Today we are going to code about a sample app with some operations I usually play with text files in my Android applications. These operations would include creating, reading, updating,and deleting text files. I find these operations really useful when I have to store some data temporarily, creating some log files, or store some actual […]

  • Android libphonenumber Example

    Today I want to show you a simple example code on how to use a very useful library called libphonenumber, a phone number handling library from Google. It can validate the correct number format for your country. In this example we’re using PH (Philippines) as country code. It is optimized for running on smartphones, and […]