Month: January 2012

  • 12+ EditText in Android Example Codes, Screenshots and More!

    Hi guys! Today I’m gonna show you some Android EditText examples that I usually use in my android applications. EditText in Android examples are simply like a text field, text area or a text input field in online forms. It is an editable TextView. EditText in Android Example List In this post, we will cover: […]

  • Android SharedPreferences Tutorial

    Android SharedPreferences store private primitive data in key-value pairs. The data saved using SharedPreferences will still be available in the device even if your application is killed. Types of data that can be saved are booleans, floats, ints, longs, and strings. One use of Android SharedPreferences is to store data that can be used in […]

  • Install Android Development Environment on Ubuntu

    Recently, I wanted to use Ubuntu 11.10 instead of Windows 7 for my Android application development. So far, I’m liking Ubuntu a lot, it is super fast, free, has great interface and animation, easy to learn and has lots of free applications that suits my needs as a computer user and software developer. Now I’m […]

  • Verify if Java was Installed in Ubuntu 11.10

    Ubuntu Quick Tip: After my JDK installation, I wanted to verify if it was really installed in my computer. Here’s how I verified it 1. Run your terminal. 2. Type:           $ sudo updatedb          $ locate java It asked me to enter my password after typing sudo […]